Besides the permanent exhibition “Sermeq pillugu Oqaluttuaq – The Story of the Ice” the Icefjord Centre accommodates two art installations, a cinema, a shop and a cafe where you can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat whilst you take in the impressions of your visit.


Ilulissat Icefjord Centre is placed in the most southern part of Ilulissat. The Icefjord Centre is an integrated part of the hiking paths that are located in the UNESCO world heritage site, that starts at the end of the road Sermermiut Aqquttaa.


Adult             150DKK

Child(7-15)    100DKK


For people who are permanently resident in Greenland you can purchase an annual pass to The Icefjord Centre at the cost of 150kr. To purchase an annual pass please bring your certificate of residence the next time you visit us.


29th of January – 14th of March

Saturday – Sunday 11am-4pm 

 15th of March – 14th of June

Wednesday – Sunday 11am-5pm

15th of June – 31st of August

Monday – Sunday 11am-5pm

1st of September – 30th of September

Tuesday – Sunday 11am-5pm

1st of October – 31st of October

Wednesday – Sunday 11am-5pm

1st of November – 19th of December

Saturday – Sunday 11am-4pm


You can buy your ticket when you come and visit The Icefjord Centre. 

In our high season, mid-June to mid-August, or if you are traveling in a large group, we recommend that you secure a ticket for your visit through our booking system.

To make your visit as fulfilling as possible and for security reasons we have a maximum capacity of 150 visitors at a time. This means that in our summer season and on busy days, your ticket will be valid for 1 1/2 hours, in the timeslot you have chosen.


As a business associate you can purchase tickets for your guests in the current year through our online booking system.

Up to one month prior of the scheduled ticket, you can contact us and cancel all or some of the tickets you have purchased and get a full refund.

If your travel itinerary should change you are more than welcome to contact us, where we will explore the possibility of changing the date and time of the ticket. 

If you wish to pay by invoice a handling fee of 500kr. will apply. Please contact us by email elisabeth@isfjordscentret.gl


Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question which isn’t answered here, you are welcome to write to us.

No, you won’t lose your place if you arrive at a different time than is printed on your ticket. Please be aware, however, that out of consideration for the next visitors you will not be allowed to stay longer in the exhibition than the finish time, which is also printed on your ticket.

There is a 10% discount on the single purchase of a minimum of 12 tickets. To achieve the discount you must buy all the tickets together.

If you would like a guided tour, these can be purchased for groups and must be booked in advance.

The ticket is valid only on the date and time shown on your ticket.

Ticket sales cannot be refunded.

Food and beverage must be bought and consumed in our cafe. You are not allowed to bring any food or beverage into the exhibition space.

We recommend that you print your ticket at home or have access to it on your mobile phone, in order to avoid queueing in our ticket office. We also recommend that you wear suitable footwear, so that you can trek through the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of your visit. In addition, we always recommend that you bring clothing which will keep you warm and dry during the occasionally sudden changes in weather that occur in the Arctic.

I Grønland tager man skoene af når man er inde. Det gælder også i Isfjordscentret. Du er velkommen til at låne et par filtsko, sokker eller sko-betræk, som du finder i garderobeområdet. Store tasker og rygsække må ikke medbringes i udstillingsområdet. 

In Greenland we take our shoes off when we are indoors. This is also the case in the Icefjord Centre. You are welcome to borrow a pair of our indoor shoes or shoe covers which are located in the cloakroom. Large bags and rucksacks may not be taken into the exhibition area.

We do not accept cash.

We accept most common credit cards, such as VISA, Mastercard, Dankort, Akiliut and American Express. You can also pay using MobilePay.

Currently there is no WIFI available at the Icefjord Centre.