Ilulissat Icefjord Centre is the first in six planned visitor centres in Greenland. We are a self-owned institution under Greenland Visitor Centre. Besides informing you about the ice fjord our goal is to contribute to a better future by making information and knowledge available about the link between man and nature. 

When you visit us, it is our purpose to help you gain a new understanding of the importance of the interaction between man and nature. We believe that the two are linked to each other and that our individual actions have global consequences. 

Our values revolve around quality, sustainability, accessibility and an open community. We strive to use as many local products as possible and to help keep our surroundings clean. 



Karl Sandgreen

Head of theIcefjord Centre  


M: +299 55 55 88


Malu Jensen

Assistant manager – Head of Front of house 

(Maternity leave)

Mari Steffani

Marianne Steffani

Acting assistant manager


M: +299 555557

Panninguaq Jensen

Paninnguaq Jensen

Front of house


Maja Magnussen

Front of house


You can find answers to most questions about your visit in our FAQ section, but if you have a question which isn’t covered there, you are welcome to write to us by using the contact form below. 


Ilulissat Icefjord Centre is owned by the self-owned institution Greenland Visitor Center. Ilulissat Icefjord Centre is on daily basis led by the head of the Icefjord Centre, who refers to the CEO of Greenland Visitor Center and the board of Greenland Visitor Center. 

From Ilulissat Icefjord Centre we wish to express our gratitude to our partners and sponsors. It is with their support the building and exhibition have achieved their high level of quality and standards.

The Icefjord Centre has grown to be a Danish/Greenlandic partnership between the philanthropic organization Realdania, Naalakkersuisut (Government of Greenland) and Avannaata Kommunia. In 2015 these three parties made the decision to build a visitor centre at the Icefjord. In 2016 Dorte Mandrups winning architecture project was announced after an international architecture competition. In the summer of 2021 the doors of the Icefjord Centre opened for the very first time and the house was handed over to Greenland Visitor Center.

The exhibition and the dissemination at the Icefjord Centre have been developed by JAC Studios and sponsored by Nordea-Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Bloomberg Philanthropies and OAK Foundation, who are also sponsoring the Icefjord Centres Learning platform and educational material.

If your company is interested in being a sponsor of the Icefjord Centre and our good purpose please contact Elisabeth Momme M: +299 555588.